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10 years old
14.0 Hands

Dottie is perfect for a young teen rider looking to advance in gymkhana (She consistently gets AA times) or hunter/jumper (Can course 2'3" with ease and has the ability to go much higher with the right rider. Dottie is very forward, moves off your leg, does her flying changes and is great on trail with a group of riders. She has a great personality and is perfect for a rider wanting a very forward pony. 

Intermediate Rider Recommended

Available for lease up to 2 days/week
Leasing Fees:
  • $60.00/month for One-Day/wk
  • $120.00/month for Two-Days/wk
  • $180.00/month for Three Days/wk
  • $240.00/month for Four Days/wk
  • $300.00/month for Five Days/wk
  • $350.00/month for Full Access/(6 days/wk)

** Lease fees vary from horse to horse, but most lease fees are the aforesaid rates***

All leases include access to tack, and facilities. Most leases are month-month, but a longer-term lease option is always available. Each lessee is to have their own assigned riding day(s) and must ride the days they decide upon. Most owners are flexible with the day(s) that the lessee comes out to ride and the lessee can often change days if they cannot make it out on their assigned day. Please contact Sara for more information on leasing availability, rates, and with any questions you may have. 

619-843-3243- Sara

15 years old 
14.2 Hands
QH Paint Gelding

Dean is a drop-dead gorgeous Black and White Paint Gelding. He is a suitable horse for a beginner rider. He is ultra flashy, and has an awesome laid-back disposition. Nice short back, therefore would be fine with a larger adult. He is suitable for a western or english horse (because he is so stocky, he is definitely not a jumper). Is awesome on trail, (He NEVER spooks), has plenty of show miles, trail miles, and he has even done gymkhana! He even leg yields, turn on forehand, haunches, shoulders in/out etc.  and with those big blue eyes, he is definitely one to keep you in the ribbons!

Dean is Available up to 1 day a week. 

Have you ever wanted to own a horse, but didn't want the full expense of owning? Or do you perhaps want to take a lesson every week and then practice a little more often without the expense of another lesson? If so, then leasing a horse is most likely the perfect option for you! When one decides to lease a horse, they pay to ride that particular horse a certain amount of times each week; but don't have all of the expenses that go along with owning a horse! (Such as paying board, farrier, worming, annual vet bills, all of the tack, fly sprays, the initial cost of the horse, etc. [to name just a few]). 

Here at SHEC we have many horses available for lease. Please view the horses for lease below to see which horse may be the best fit for you. The lease fees are at the bottom of this page, and the fees are the same for every horse on this page. 

Most leases are month-to-month, but longer-term lease options are also available. In most lease situations, the horse owner will allow you to use their tack, grooming supplies, etc. The owner will also cover the cost of board, farrier, wormings, supplements, and vet bills (unless an issue occurs that was caused by the person leasing the horse). 

If you are interested in leasing an evaluation lesson MUST be scheduled to ensure that the horse you are wanting to lease is a proper fit for you. Our evaluation lessons are only $25.00 and can be scheduled at any time. 

Please contact Sara at 619-843-3243 with any questions you may have regarding any horse(s) for lease on this site or to schedule an evaluation lesson. Thanks for your interest!

17 years old
16.0 Hands
Belgian/Quarter Cross

Belle is a beautiful Belgian/Quarter Cross, and she has literally done it all! She has shown, been used in lessons, has gone camping, jumped, done some dressage, is a trail rider's dream come true. She has a great personality, and is suitable for any rider. She has a wonderful floaty movement that is SO easy to sit to on long trail rides, yet it is also eye-catching enough for showing.  

We have had 9-year old inexperienced riders take Belle out on trail rides, and she will always take care of them! You can put your husband on her one day, and your child on her the next, and will know that they will be taken care of. 

Available for lease up to 2 days a week. 
7 years old
16.2 Hands
Saddlebred/Quarter Horse/Arabian Cross

Loki is a horse with a personality and willing to do anything. He is good for and intermediate/ advanced rider. He can do western/english. Poles, barrels and great on the trail. If someone wants to jump him I prefer it be in lessons only because of how he is but is great just with flat work. 

Available for lease up to 3 days a week. 
Not Sundays. 
16 years old
15.3 Hands
National Show Horse (Arabian/Saddlebred)

​Andante is a very versatile horse with a people-loving personality. If you want a buddy to love on and do lots of things with, from schooling to showing to recreation, this is your guy. In the show pen, he has been shown in sporthorse under saddle and in hand, dressage (training level), eventing, and western pleasure, and has some high-level wins to his credit. On the recreational side, he has logged hundreds of real trail miles, done obstacle courses, performed in drill teams, played mounted games, and has even sorted cows!  

Andante is forward and animated in his movement, moves off the leg well, and is level-headed and eager to please. He does not "freak out" and he does not pull tricks on his rider. He would make an excellent schooling horse to help an intermediate rider advance, or show horse for a youth or amateur at the local/regional level. Likewise, someone looking for a trustworthy partner for anything from natural horsemanship/liberty work to recreational or competitive trail would be equally happy with this horse.

His owner would prefer a 3-5 day per week lease, and is willing to be flexible on the days/frequency for a kind, confident rider for this this very special horse. Price negotiable, depending on planned use and frequency (see guidelines below). Watch a brief video of Andante in action here 

Andantae is available for a full lease through a private treaty. Please contact Alisa 619-306-8705