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One of the large stalls with shelter & a 40'x16' stall with shelter directly to the right of the larger stall. 

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We have room in our 12x24 stalls and 24x24 stalls. Please call or text to schedule a tour to see the facility. 
Stabling Options

Here at Sundance Hills, we offer a variety of stabling options so both the horse and owners are comfortable. Please view the stalls we offer below:

Barn Stall with Run
These stalls are perfect for the show horse, or even for a horse who needs a little more room. 

Stall Dimensions are: 16'x14' with a 16'x24' attached run.
Barn stalls have mats, automatic waterers, and are fully-lit.
$450.00/mo with 8 bags of bedding/month

Large Stall
These stalls stay fairly dry during the winter. (Are usually always dry under the shelter), and dry quickly after a rain.

Stall Dimensions are: 40'x24' with an additional 16'x16' HUGE 3-sided shelter attached. This stall also has an automatic waterer and is perfect for a horse that needs a little more room. 
$400.00/mo for one horse
$300.00/mo for each horse if two are kept in same stall (Max. of two horses allowed in this stall). 

40'x16' Stall
This stall is roomy, stays dry in the winter, and is perfect for a larger horse, that needs more room to roam. 

Stall Dimensions: Are 40'x16' with a huge 3-sided shelter covering about 1/3 of the stall. This stall also has an automatic waterer.
$350.00/mo (only one horse may be kept in this stall).

24'x24' Stall
These stalls are fairly new here at SHEC. They are on a slight slant which allows for great drainage during the winter. There is also an 8x12 shelter in these stalls! 

Sorry, there are no Automatic waterers in these stalls. Only large buckets. 

12'x24' Stall
These stalls are great for the horse that gets out regularly and is great for the horse who wants to experience "the great outdoors"

These stalls half a shade covering half the stall, an automatic waterer, and a feeder. 

100x60 Dry Pasture
 Horses in the dry pasture are fed timothy and alfalfa. There is a large shelter. No hind shoes in dry pasture!
Board Includes:

  • Up to 3 flakes of hay/day (Horses are fed quality Bermuda & Alfalfa, and are fed heavily). 
  • Orchard grass and Timothy are also available for an additional fee.
  • Daily Manure Shoveling in ALL stalls
  • Owner-Provided Supplements are fed at a monthly rate of $15.00 for once a day supplement feeding, or $30.00 for twice a day supplement feedings.
  • Board is $15 more during the months of April through October because we use Solitude Fly control.

12x24 stalls with half shades